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About Brothers Public School

Brothers Public School, a co-educational school recognized by Directorate of Education and to be affiliated to CBSE is committed to achieve excellence in the field of education. Brothers's adream of society is a vision with zeal and desire to achieve excellence in every sphere of life. Brothers Public School provides creative and innovative learning-teaching environment.

The school is dedicated and committed to the growth and achivement in the field of education. We believe in maximizing the efficiency of the child in a healthy pollution free environment with the zeal towards excellence. Brothers Public School promises to provide quality education that aims at nuturing the child's intellect and supporting his emotional, moral and spiritual well-being.We appreciate the unique individual talents of children and follow an instructional strategy that suits every child's different learning style.

why you choose ? Brothers Public School

Choosing which school your child will attend is a big decision for many families. There are practical things to take into account, such as the location of the school, financial considerations, subject offerings and uniform requirements. Your child’s personality, learning style and interests are also important when choosing which school to attend.

Visit the schools you are considering and talk to school leaders, teachers and other parents. Schools usually offer open days, school visits or other events for prospective students and their families, this is a great way to find out more about the school community.

If you want to find out how your child’s school or the schools in your local area are going compared to other schools with similar students, the Brothers Public School website can help.

The School Aims At Creating An Environment

Where each one is given ample space and proper direction to empower his inherent talent.

Where the quest of knowledge is ignited and quenched in young minds.

Where the mind is given the freedom to seek reasons

Where the emphasis is not only on learning,but also on thinking and exploring.